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"Noxtua," Europe's first sovereign legal AI

"Noxtua," Europe's first sovereign legal AI

"Noxtua," Europe's first sovereign legal AI

Noxtua, the first sovereign European legal AI with its proprietary Language Model, allows lawyers in corporations and law firms to benefit securely from the advantages of generative AI. The Berlin-based AI startup Xayn and the largest German business law firm CMS are developing Noxtua as a Legal AI with its own Legal Large Language Model and AI assistant. Lawyers from corporations and law firms can use the Noxtua chat to ask questions about legal documents, analyze them, check them for compliance with company guidelines, (re)formulate texts, and have summaries written. The Legal Copilot, which specializes in legal texts, stands out as an independent and secure alternative from Europe to the existing US offerings. 

The Legal Copilot Noxtua can be used in various languages with a current focus on German and English. Other languages are already being tested with various large companies in Germany, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries.  

To further optimize Noxtua, the self-trained model is already being enriched with further data so that additional languages and functions can be added – e.g. standardized workflows that structure and simplify repetitive work processes such as the automated contract review. Noxtua is designed to make lawyers’ everyday work easier and more efficient by reliably assisting them and taking over repetitive tasks.  

Perfect match of technological and legal expertise  

The collaboration between the AI startup and Germany’s largest commercial law firm is a perfect match: The tech startup Xayn, which was founded in 2017 out of a research project at Oxford University and Imperial College London, stands out for its deep AI expertise in developing highly efficient GDPR-compliant AI solutions. CMS provides legal expertise and additional development experience. Among other things, the international law firm specializes in IT and AI law and, as a pioneer in the legal market, also develops its own legal tech applications to support internal and external processes.  

Xayn and CMS are jointly developing the AI solution to ensure practical relevance and an understanding of specific legal needs, as well as to meet the high standards of confidentiality in the handling of client data and the statutory data protection regulations. The underlying Legal Large Language Model is trained with legal texts labeled by experts which makes it highly specialized and powerful thanks to CMS’ legal and Xayn’s technical expertise and reduces the risk of hallucinations to a minimum. To protect sensitive client information, all data is encrypted. In addition, the self-trained AI solution can run either locally on-premise or on a sovereign European cloud solution. 

Leap forward for the German AI and legal industry 

“With Noxtua, we are developing sovereign European AI technology with practical relevance. We are thus making a major leap forward for the German AI and legal sector – in line with the European values of transparency and data protection. Our Legal Language Model is highly specialized for legal texts and the interactive chat allows legal professionals to interact easily and intuitively with the Legal Copilot. Noxtua not only makes the day-to-day life of lawyers a lot easier but is also an independent secure alternative from Europe,” emphasizes Dr. Leif-Nissen Lundbæk, CEO & Co-Founder of Xayn. “With our new AI solution, legal experts in corporations and law firms can therefore work more efficiently and in a more standardized way and invest more time in competent and highly qualified consulting.”  

“CMS sees itself as a driver of innovation in the legal market. As such, we not only recognize what the future holds but also actively help shaping it. We have identified a gap in the market in the field of AI. Until now, there has been no legal AI that meets our strict requirements in terms of performance, reliability, and data protection,” explains Dr. Markus Kaulartz, lawyer for AI and partner at CMS Germany. “That’s why, together with Xayn and their many years of AI expertise, we have developed a European legal AI ourselves, based on a proprietary language model that is trained with legal texts. With Noxtua, there is now finally an AI solution that is specifically tailored to the special needs of lawyers and can save them a lot of time in their day-to-day work.” 

Planned Alliance for the further development of Noxtua  

Xayn and CMS will expand the legal AI Noxtua and develop further practical applications for everyday legal work based on the specially trained Large Language Model in addition to the chat. To this end, the AI startup and the law firm are initiating an alliance with various large companies, law firms, and auditing firms.  

Law firms and companies that want to benefit from the advantages of generative AI in a legally compliant manner can now join the waiting list for Noxtua.   

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